the ROLE I play in Life

@ruthinian (2311)
United States
February 28, 2008 9:39am CST
I have played a lot of role in life. Some of the roles I played that I am good at are; teacher, mentor, friend, sister, daughter. There are still some role that I am playing just now like; a wife, daughter-in-law, step-mom. And there are roles that I dream to play too; businesswoman, mother, myLot highest earner (LOL). What's your Role in life?
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• China
28 Feb 08
Yes,as you say that all of us play a vatiety of roles in our life,as to me ,in the school,I am a student,in the supermarket ,I am a consumer,in my home,I am a falial girl and so on.In different place and different time ,maybe we play different roles,I hope I can play every role very well.
28 Feb 08
I play sevral roles in life I am a girlfriend, employee,daughter, mother of two, sister, aunty, friend, team assistant, however there are many more roles just like yourself that I would love to play and they are wife, business woman and belive it or not although my children are young I cant wait to be able to play the role of a grandmother, that role to me means that you can re live having children again and offer help and support to your daughter or son but at the same time you know you can go home at night and have a good nights sleep.
@miller1978 (1104)
• United States
28 Feb 08
I play several roles in life. I am a mother first and foremost. Housekeeper, cook, taxi driver, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, and do all the shopping and paying bills for the household (not sure what to call it). There are several roles we play in life which we don't get paid money for but they are equally satisfying in other areas. I would like to return to the workforce one day but for now I put that on the back burner.