Looking for a Video (2)

United States
February 28, 2008 10:31am CST
Hi all! There is a video that I'm trying to find on the internet, and I'm having no luck! So I'm hoping maybe someone here could help me. I have no idea what show it was on--just one of the many cop/shocking video shows. Here's what happens: A gunman enters a grocery store and just starts shotting. In a panic, everyone runs for the back of the store, to the back doors. A little girl is left alone, crying. A man see's her and runs back for her. (This is not the childs father, he does not know her, he is just a good guy, a hero). But right when he reaches the little girl the gunman is right in front of them. He is kneeling down when the gunman is standing over there, and is trying to protect her. Then the gunman says, "God bless you sir." and leaves them alone, moving towards the back. Has anyone seen this video? I would really appreciate any links to it!
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