Do you use GPS when you travel?

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February 28, 2008 12:59pm CST
Going to mall, beach,or bussiness apointment do you use GPS from your mobile or portable equipement or builtin equipement in your vehicle for traveling from one place to another or you simply use old maps?
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• Malaysia
19 Jun 08
using a tracker software is pretty useful cos you can see where you have gone and can always backtrack. in foreign countries, even if i don't have a map, you can clearly see if the cab driver is taking you round in circles, and once you get from A to B, you can always get back to A.
@vera5d (4006)
• United States
16 Jun 08
My hubby had to buy a gps for work a few years ago (there's no way he could do his job without it since he is contantly traveling to people's homes!) We used it on our vacation and it was very nice for helping us get to where we wanted to be. It also is nice as it tells you where restaurants and gas stations and other things are. I was glad though that I still packed my maps with us however because sometimes the gps will take you ways you don't really want to go! We shaved about a half hour from our drive by taking a shortcut we knew of but the gps didn't!
• India
16 Jun 08
Hi mahesh. I think GPS is a good technique But in india Gps is still not launched fully.still we depends on sign boards and mileage boards.
@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
15 Apr 08
I just purchased a GPS recently and will only use it for places that I have never been to before. I have tried mine out and it got me where I wanted to go and it also recalculates if I miss a turn and gives alternate routes. I really like it plus it has many other cool features with it that are very user friendly. You just have to be careful because thieves are going after these devices like crazy.
@argo979 (118)
• Italy
3 Mar 08
No, I prefer to use the chart. It is more useful second me!
@gandatwo (602)
• Australia
3 Mar 08
Hubby and I use the old referdex(Street Directory),we do use a GPS on our boat,cruising The Great Barrier Reef it truly is important to have aboard.We also have charts available just incase a satellite goes down!another invaluable instrument is a good quality Depth sounder.
@jillmalitz (5132)
• United States
1 Mar 08
Nope! We dont have that in our vehicles. We thought about getting one but they get stolen around here. We try to look up on a map the general area. If we are not sure we ask directions. My husband does occasionally ask for directions. LOL
@aseretdd (13709)
• Philippines
29 Feb 08
I don't have that GPS in my mobile phone but i can download it if want to... but then... i think it will be quite dangerous because if i use my phone that often in public... it might get snatched... so i think i will just use the old fashion way of asking people how to get to a particular place... I also do not have a car so... i guess a GPS is not really for me...
• United States
28 Feb 08
I look at online maps before leaving. If I need help while I'm on the road I'll use a handheld GPS. I'd like to get one that has a larger screen and gives verbal directions.
• United States
28 Feb 08
I only use GPS if and only if I do not know where I am going. For instance, I am commuting to a new state which I have never driven on their highways, then I would use the GPS system on my mobile phone. Other than that, if I know where I am going, I would not use, except to tell me all the blocked roads or accidents slowing traffic so I may use an alternate route. I seldom use my GPS navigational system unless I am going to a location unfamiliar to me. That is the basically it! -Feel free to disagree