can i earn money by uploading a picture??

@vinay049 (1839)
February 28, 2008 11:12pm CST
please tell me if this is true.If yes then what should i do?? 1.go to some interest 2.upload picture Am i right??Please reply and give site that can small pic that can be uploaded fast
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@kamran12 (5555)
• Pakistan
29 Feb 08
Hello vinay049, Welcome to mylot, I hope you will enjoy your stay here!:-) One can upload pictures in three places, 1. as you said, going to interest and upload picture; 2. In your original post, while starting a discussion; 3. In your comment, while responding to a discussion. However, '3' i.e. uploading picture in your comment while responding to a discussion is only possible once you get to 500 post marks. You can upload in other 2 places though. As to earning, you will get 1 cent for each picture uploaded. But, mylot has put limit to how many pictures can be rewarded per day, per user. I think presently mylot only pays for maximum 3 pictures. I could be wrong though and limit could be a little high now, but it was 3, when last time I checked it. I believe you are talking about image size in terms of bit size, i.e. how much memory space it takes, so that it is easy for you to upload it quickly!? if that is the case, then you just need to look for JPG extensions which are probably the lightest. If you find .bmp or any other format, you can convert it to JPG even through as simple a program as MS paint, available by default in Windows installation. If, however, picture is too heavy that paint can not accept or open it, you can use other programs like PhotoShop or the ones as suggested by other user. I must say though that there is a limit to picture size also on mylot. And, usually the pictures that can be uploaded, can be dealt with 'Paint'! Hope it helps, if not, don't hesitate to ask!:-)
@vinay049 (1839)
• India
29 Feb 08
thanks dude i understand the whole thing.Can you please add me as your friend.I would love to talk with you and take your opinion.
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@youless (93655)
• Guangzhou, China
29 Feb 08
I don't know other websites which are trustworthy to pay for you by uploading pictures. But in Mylot, it is available. If you upload a picture for your discussion, you can earn USD0.01 from it.