everything will be okay

@heart143 (1204)
February 28, 2008 11:57pm CST
One of my friends called me. At first, she sounded nice and pleasant but as our conversation go along, her voice broke and started to cry. She's into a big financial problem. Her checking account was closed, her checks bounced and people are going after her. Now, she's the talk-of-the-town. Everyone throws the blame on her. She even lost some of her friends. She's in a financial dilemma, she's lost her dignity and most of all some of her friends. I can feel the pain in her heart. I am not saying that my friend did not commit any mistake in this situation, but sometimes people can be too judgemental. One mistake and they'll forget all the good things you've done. I wish I was there to console her and give her a hug. I really cannot rescue her from the situation because I also dont have that much money, but at least I can pat her back to tell her that everything will be okay. So, I let her talk, consoled her and made her laugh. After a few minutes, she's not crying anymore and I knew she felt better. Sometimes, we just need a little push to to overcome all our struggles and it's also nice to know that someone believes in you. Has anyone of your friends left you when you need them most?
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