The rejection line that hurts the most.

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February 29, 2008 5:40am CST
When we ask someone out on a date there should only be two possible answers Yes or No. Sadly too often it isn't always a simple No when it is no. Often we get far too complex answers that hurt way more than a simple no. I don't know which one hurts girls the most but I think for guys it's: "I think of you more like a brother." (That one is the proverbial knife in the heart and twisted) So which rejections do you think are the most hurtful or just the lamest?
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11 Mar 08
personaly i think if you dont like the person you should tell them that you dont. also it goes the same way for a girl "i think of you as a little sister!" however i think the one that hurts everyone guys and girls the most is i just want to be friends. the most lamest is your not my type, does anyone ever find there type? if you get to know the person they just might be your type, but thats just the physical features thats not there type! they dont want to get to know the person if they are not hott or pretty!?
@Betty740 (19)
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1 Mar 08
You should invite some one out not as a date but as would you like to go say skating, or to a movie with me I really hate to go alone and it might be something fun to do Saturday or just ask them in a real causal way and make it seems like it was just a spur of the moment thing and then they will get to know you and like you very much, and just remember there are a lot of people out there, tey asking one of the shy ones instead and I think you might just make a friend for life, after all if you are going with one person then everyone wants to go with you too. Just human nature, everyone wants what the other person has.