What you have to say about sleeping?

@naseefu (1607)
February 29, 2008 6:31am CST
We each and everyone sleeping daily.But what I try to discuss is about how you approach sleeping.Someone approach it as a part of life and do not give special care this.But I really enjoying sleeping.What you have to say about sleeping.
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• Singapore
1 Mar 08
sleeping is a good way to keep my skin good and the most easy way to lose weight,i like it very very much~~but i prefer sleep at night,because if i sleep at afernoon or others time i cannot fall asleep at neight...it is really terrible
29 Feb 08
I wish I could sleep, I have a baby boy of 4 months who is teething and a little girl of 4 who insists on waking up screaming the house down becuase she has had a bad dream. Even when I do get chance to sleep it takes me ages before I drop of as I have so many things to worry about or think about that I have just not had chance to do during the day