Goat Labor

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February 29, 2008 8:05am CST
I was just out at the barn feeding my goats and I noticed two of my girls were holding their tails high. Not straight up in the air like when they've been startled, more kind of horizontalish. The ligament near the tailbone is still somewhat tight. Our younger doe's body actually looks a little longer than normal (she's 1/2 boer). Could the high tail position be a sign of impending birth. We are not sure when they were bred because our buck never seemed interested in them. We actually didn't think they were bred at all and brought in another billy in January. I'll be keeping an eye on them pretty closely today, but will be checking here for advice or ideas. Thanks.
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12 Apr 08
I'm new to my lot and read your goat labor discussion. We picked up two female boer percentage goats last October at an auction. Both had been exposed to bucks and we didn't have a clue when they would deliver their kids. I watched them closely for signs of pregnancy and determined they were both pregnant. It's hard to tell on a boer female of impending birth, but I did notice that one of them was bagging up (developing her udder). Two weeks later she gave birth to a healthy girl. We named her Belle. The other pregnant female had not developed her udder at this time. A week later she bagged up. Two weeks after that she gave birth. Her kid wasn't healthy but very weak. She couldn't stand on her own. That was a sad thing. I really love raising goats. Our whole herd are percentage boers. Hope this helps! Becky