Russell Brand's booky wook

February 29, 2008 8:35am CST
If it's anything like his footy column, then it will be well worth reading. I have read bad reviews about it mainly because of his style of writing but I doubt I'll mind as I love his turn of phrase. Has anyone read it yet? and what is it like?
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@nancyrowina (3850)
1 Mar 08
I think it's a bit premature of him to write a biographical book as he's still so young, I sense it's just to stop people from his past selling stories about him as he's confessed everything already. I'm not tempted to read it as I with comedians I don't want to know much about their lives it draws away from the humor normally as they often have depressing lives and lots of self doubt etc. Maybe in a couple of years if I find it in a charity shop or something I'll read it but I'm certainly not paying what they are asking for it at the moment lol.
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3 Mar 08
He is a bit young but there have been even younger people like Wayne Rooney,(Manchester United football player) who is only 22 ffs. I think you're right, Russell wrote it to put forward his story, as there were so many unofficial biographies about. I'm not a fan of biographies but I thought because of his writing style his would be more entertaining.