i hate myself.

@omerta (90)
February 29, 2008 8:52am CST
my mom taught me everything... she raised me well and gave everything i ever wanted.. some say im a spoil bratt uh.ah.. im not... i love my mom so much... shes aware bout my boyfriend... my bf and i weve been for 4years now but due to some temptation i stop from studying... now my mom hate me like hell she warned me not to communicate with my bf or else she will hate me forever,,, so what i did is i ran away... i love my bf alot... but know im regretting everything... i miss my mom i miss my family.... dunno what to do anymore
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@Andrej7 (66)
• Slovak Republic
29 Feb 08
Running from home doesn`t solve the problems ... you`ll see. Finish your study ... do it mainly for yourself. Love is so fragile thing, can be broken easily. Make a deal with your boyfriend to split time we are spending together. Split it between education, being with your boy, your personal relax and of course your mother. Learn to be responsible for your acts and show that you have some purposes in life. Show your mother that you are doing that things because one day you want to be able to take care about yourself. And remember, not only by ability to earn money you will be independent. It is also about doing right decisions in your life ... Good luck
@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
29 Feb 08
Swallow your pride. Call your family, I bet they miss you as well. It is unfortunate you let him get in the way of your school work and if you want to continue with that, you need to prioritize what is truly important for you to be successful and happy.