Universal Healthcare

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February 29, 2008 6:07pm CST
It seems to be an issue during the Presidential debates. I'm wondering how people around the world are feeling about it. I happen to support a universal healthcare program. Here's why. I am a medical assistant and have been for 16 years. I have seen countless elderly people, single mothers, broken families, divorced fathers, you name it, come into the clinic who either 1) can't afford the medicine the MD has prescribed so they choose to go without, 2) can't afford to have a procedure done so they go without and end up worsening 3) have seen a man try to commit suicide because his insurance wouldn't pay for something and his family was in a financial hardship...gosh, I could go on and on and on...the drug reps that come to the clinic to peddle their samples all the while offering free helicopter rides to doctors, fancy dinners that include the best wine and prime rib, pens, coffee mugs, catered lunches, Starbucks coffees to the entire staff...and in the meantime...who pays for that? We do. The people purchasing the drug. They have to pay for advertising somehow...they spend billions of dollars in advertising. Yet in other countries, certain medications are cheaper. For example, in Canada you can get a fungal medication for $75 a month but in the US it's $400 a month...Lamisil...so...I ask you all. What's the answer? Healthcare has gotten out of control. To those of you who live outside the US and have universal healthcare, what are your thoughts? Does it work well for your country?
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1 Mar 08
I agree with you the healthcare industry is out of control. Once again the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. But I am not for this universal health care that they are talking about into these elections. Yeah they make it sound all great, but when you start looking into their health care plans they are not really helping us at all. They are gone to make it so everyone has to pick a health care plan. Sure that even still sounds ok, what they do not tell us is that this is not gone to come for free. They are not gone to give us any money to help pay for the health care either. If one of these universal healthcare packages gets approved we will have a certain amount of time to apply. If a person does not apply by the deadline than they are than fined So basically if a person cannot afford health care now their still not gone to be able to afford it when this plan goes in place. Only difference now is that they will be fined for not selecting a plan that they cannot pay for.