ADHD with learning disabilites

United States
October 30, 2006 5:28pm CST
Anyone have kids with Attention Deficeit Hyperactivity Disorder and with a learning disability? How many of you have kids with teachers who can't recognize a learning disability? Each of my 3 kids have both and, in all 3 cases, not one of their teachers noticed a learning disability.
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@dollar669 (569)
• Canada
31 Oct 06
even when the teachers know that they have add or adhd, they still usually don't treat your child any different that the next kid, they actually get frustrated and annoyed faster with them beacuse of the behaviour problems
• United States
31 Oct 06
You are so right! That's what sent me on my quest about 4 years ago - to find a solution and to make up for lost time. My kids were put in the back of the room and ignored as teachers hadn't a clue. I kept logs of food, sleep pattern, attitudes, and particular difficulties in school. I presented all of this to my pediatrician with copies of report card (teachers' comments) and after about 15 min of reading she set us up with an occupational therapist who tested 4 hours total and determined a handwriting disability. And all this came about because it was suggested by the 3rd grade teacher my son was mentally deficient! Schoo board testing showed he qualified for the fulltime gifted program. Makes a person wonder how many kids are simply pushed along....