If there is TIME MACHINE, i will go to a time WHEN.............................

March 1, 2008 11:01am CST
Just imagine, one time you find a TIME MACHINE in front of your house. What is the place and when will you go? Will you go to the PAST DAYS, doing something to correct them or to save your lost things... or save your love ones? Will you go to the FUTURE... to know who is your real husband/wife, your soulmate, your grandchildren, workplace, your house, etc.... Let me know what will you do with them... And if you back again to the real life WILL YOU STILL BACK TO THE TIME MACHINE?
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• United Arab Emirates
2 Mar 08
Hi, I would definitely like to go back atleast 10 years back. I would then go and meet all my close relatives who passed away later. I could not go and see them since long. I would also go back and then select the carrier that I really liked. I have so many things to improve back then. I would definitely like to come back to the real life because of my hubby and my child. Regards
@chrissieatu (1033)
• China
2 Mar 08
My friend and I have just talked about this tonight. Both of us would like to go back to the very beginning of our university life. We are kind of feeling regreted right now. We did not make full use of the time to learn as much as we can. If we have that chance to go back again, we wouldn't use out time in that way. And I wouldn't go to the future. If I have already knew every thing, life will not be that interesting.
• Singapore
2 Mar 08
i will not use e time machine as life is a challenge if we noe wat going 2 happen then y should we still continue living...also we should cherish wat we hav now not when we loss it then think of getting it back..
@AJ1952Chats (2340)
• Anderson, Indiana
2 Mar 08
I would go back to the first father-daughter vacation my dad and I took together after he retired in 1974--not to change a single thing about it but simply just to enjoy it again. That would be one trip I'd take. Another time, I might go back to when my folks, grandpa, and I used to congregate in the living room on a Saturday night to watch Your Lucky Strike Hit Parade. A decision I made back in 1977 made me start to get really fat (not that year, but it started me on the way up), so you might think that I would go back and make a better decision--but I wouldn't. Why? Because too much time has passed, and I don't know what might change if I didn't make the decision that I did. It's best not to go way back in time to try to change things, because you don't know what positive things you'd change if you did, and I'm not sure that I would like the trade-off. If I went back in time, it would be to remember certain moments--perhaps, not so much living them but, instead, watching them while remaining invisible.
@yannycui (377)
• China
2 Mar 08
If there is a time machine, I will not go back to past but to the future. Past is past.I don't want to correct anything because I learned a lesson from my mistakes ,which will be learned sooner or later. I want to go the future to have a look whether the sun will disappear, the earth will explosion one day and there are ET or not and how the human being will be . Future is uncertain, which is full of attraction.
@ElicBxn (60762)
• United States
1 Mar 08
I'd like to go back in time to the late 50's or early 60's. Not that I had any special skills to live back then, but there are things I'd like to revisit. I guess what I'd really like to do is go back to the mid-90's and DRAG my friend to the doctor's office and, hopefully, save her life!