Taking care

March 1, 2008 12:11pm CST
It is so amazing how many people in this world live their lives to care for others so much that they neglect themselves. I use to be like this, reason being i was scared of being seen as selfish.I would think of the other person and what they want and need, but when it came on to me I was tired and without so many things I wanted and needed.Love does make one sacrifice but we should not let it cause us to sacrifice our well being.It is so refreshing now in my life as i have come to realize that i need taking care of too and also i need to consider sometimes what i need for myself.Most of us are scared of saying what we need or asking for what we want in a relationship because deep down we have low self esteem. Life is a balance, therefore as you give out you need to take in also.Love at its best is mutual and satisfying.Let no one take advantage of you.Feel free to share your experiences with me and comments.
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