english football/ soccer. does anyone who doesnt support chelsea like them

March 1, 2008 4:46pm CST
chelsea have got to be one of the most hated teams and rightly so. i think this could be due to the fact that they bought there way to the top and most people dont like that because it is not the nature of the beautiful game, even this is becoming more and more common to spent £60-80 million in one transfer window. I also think that people do not like chelsea due to the way that they conduct themselves on the pitch if a decision goes against them the ref will have terry, lampard, essien, mikel, carvalho, even cech surronding him they pressurise the ref more than any other team. i think they need to sort themselves out anf the fa should punish them if they continue. your thoughts please
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5 Sep 08
I am in N.Ireland and chelsea are not liked here either think it is the idea of them trying to buy success or maby the bad boring and defensive way they play.This however may change as Man City look to be heading down the same road.What does everyone else think.