FARC!! (revolutionary armed forces of Colomabia)

no more farc!! - i dont know how many people here know about the walk against the FARC (Guerrillas) it was around the world, but this poster says everything Colombians want.. NO MORE KIDNAPPING, NO MORE LIES, NO MORE DEATHS, NO MORE FARC..
@msanin (131)
March 1, 2008 9:03pm CST
I was going to post a discussion tomorrow about the guerrillas but today something big happened in Colombia so i didn't wait till tomorrow.. maybe some of you already know but i just want to let you know how important is this for me and for every good Colombian in the world.. The second in Command of the FARC was killed.. i know for some of you would sound awful this because it is bad to feel good with someone else's death, but this is huge in Colombia.. the end of the war is near and this is what makes me happy.. I don't live in Colombia but i still love my country and wish the best for it.. my family still there and it doesn't feel nice knowing that they can be kidnap by that evil group.. i really Hope for their end..
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