do you think a country's president or leader should be impeach?

arroyo - Philippine president
@djmarion (4901)
March 1, 2008 11:41pm CST
our country is in chaos right now, a lot of rallies are being held every now and then each one has the utmost desire to impeach our current president since they believe that she is a corrupt official. in the tv screen you will see different personality addressing different anomalies attached to the president's name. I have no proof and i don't know whether to believe them and stand against our leader or to ignore the news and think its just a tell-tale to ruin her image. I have one thought though, why do they focus on hitting each other and not on helping one another to fulfill a good intention for the good of all the people. I don't think they can change the world if they will just throw insult against each other. poverty will not be resolve and unemployment will not decline in number. I wonder why these people in the senate and in the congress keep on colliding instead of uniting for an utmost goal of solving crimes and corruption in and out the palace. is there chaos too in your country? do you think what they do is right?
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@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
2 Mar 08
I would like to answer some questions you have asked. Is it right to impeach the president for her wrong doing? I will have a comparison to the family which is the smallest unit of society. If your father, being the leader in your family committed a mistake, will you impeach him and protest against him to be the leader in your family? Or you try to help him fix the problem? Your answer will be similar to what you do to our president. There is no perfect leader. If we are looking for one, we will never find one. Instead of complaints and protests, we might as well pray for our leader and do our part as a member of our country!