March 2, 2008 12:19am CST
i started singing when i was 8 to 9 years old.i use to sing any where i would go,to train up my voice.when i reached high school i was asked to be lead singer of a band but my dad woulden allow me.i was asked a number of times to sing in bands or resturants etc but my dad would always say no,so i just gave up.when i was 16 i left home,because of my dad,i became a christian,then i had my chance of singing around some of the churches,now only 4 years back i started taking singing lessons with the pastors wife,and started singing in church,it was great until my sons disliked my voice so i have given up again,i love music,i love to sing,but why are the ones closest to me so hateful of the things i have joy in doing?
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@Amagnimo (637)
• India
2 Mar 08
Well, well, you shouldn't have ill-feelings about those closest ones. When you believe they are your closest, they must have thought about it. I know, even I like to sing and I (and yeah, even my friend) are most of the time on the top of my voice singing any random song at any moment! But if you loook very rationally why they don't want you to go in this field of singing, you would love them more. This field of singing is something which I won't comment on becuase the opinions might still differ but the truth is gonna remain the truth. If you are singing casually, then its ofcourse not a problem, but you should even see that the people around you are not disturbed. I belive you have got a good voice, but that doesn't mean that everybody should have the same thinking. Some people would be so addicted to one kind of voice or like some singers so much that when you sing, they think you lack those qualitites in singing. Singing and voice should be unique, that is my opinion. I would just suggest, that you be yourself in singing only with those who appreciates you, otherwise, you are gonna end up hating singing and music, because of others opinons over you! Take care....don't ever turn your back to singing, its something very cool, and very nice...jsut be careful among whom you are doing that! GOod luck!
• United States
2 Mar 08
i think they're just jealose, or have no idea how great your talent is. i think if you really enjoy it, then start up again. you shouldn't take you voice for granted. i wish i could sing. i have the worst vioce ever [escpet in the shower haha] and im okay with it. but i would give anything for the ability to carry a tune! =]