vampires character standarization

March 2, 2008 12:31am CST
I think vampire character must have standarization. Look at the holywood movie! Why many movie explain vampires are like real human? (They dance, discussion, have business etc.) I think, I have standarization about Vampire : 1.)Vampires lord is human or devil. They smart also have and learn black magic intensively. So vampire lord can do anything like human being. Vampires lord are more powerfull than vampire standard. Vampire lord always hungry for blood because their black magic. 2.)But vampires "standard" is dead body. They are follower vampire lord. They become vampire because bites from Vampire lords or another vampires standard on their neck. They wake up after sunset and sleep in daylight. They have only instinct like EAT (kill people) no more! But they have skill : become dust, hipnotize, and small persuade. They more like a beast than human. What do you think about my vampire standarization ?
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