we almost make money on mylot ,but what can money bring us ?

March 2, 2008 1:25am CST
today ,many people wish to get more money on mylot ,but do u think about there are not everything.some people said:money makes the mare go .if they have a lot of money,their dreams will become true .living a happy life ,having a good house to live in,owning a famous car to drive and so on .in a word,they can do everything that they like with money.they can get whatever they want .... IN A WAY ,of course,money is really very important to us all .without money ,we can do nothing ,and can not live on .but we must know that money can not bring us everything .with money ,we can buy many thins indeed.but we can not buy knowledge ,precious times ,true love and so on .these are the most precious things in the world .if a person has none of tehe ,though ,he has a great deal of money ,he is still poor .do u think so ? not all people become rich ,in order to get more money ,some people even break the law ,stealing ,robbing ,cheating or doing something wrong ,at last ,they get punished ,and even sent to prison... however,money can not only bring us happiness ,but also misery ,if money does not bring people real happiness ,it has no value itself .we must know clearly that money does not mean everything... whether or no ,we have to make money more and more for life....maybe ,we enjoy to do that ..
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