Is this possible?

March 2, 2008 3:24am CST
Nowadays many online programs are offering to make you rich quickly.But we all know that we cannot make money without any investment.So it means that all of them are scams but still many are going behind such get rich quic schemes.Why?.Is it possible to get rich quick in a proper way.Are all those people going behind such schemes mad.
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• United States
2 Mar 08
Really, the only way to het rich quick on th einternet is with a very large mailing list... a list of people who where you have a decent sign-up/purchase rate. Here's an example of how these lists work... Let's say I have a list of 300,000 names and I've just become part of a new company, a company that charges $100 and an affiliate receives $50 for each subscription sold. I mail my list the offer and most likely, only about 10%-12% of my list will even open the email and maybe 3%- 5% will join. That means 30,000 members of my list will open the email and because of available, time, time of the year, or the offer itself, I'll make it easy and say 5% go for this offer. 1,500 members of my list join this affiliate (or purchase this item) giving me a profit of $7,500 for this venture. Disclaimer-I don't have anywhere near a list this large... heck I don't even have a list near the 1,500 This is how these so-called gurus get rich, they have HUGE lists of names and email addresses and they make a small investment to join a site (sometimes it might be a scam site) and they make a bunch of money real quick and begin to look for the next stream of income. These so-called gurus are part of many legit sites also. But they make money because of the their huge list. A person with a 500 name list would only make between $50 and $100 under the same formula... just barely enough to get even. This is how I see the internet... you need to build a big list. Building a list is a never ending job for creating wealth on the internet and finding the people who are as motivated as you are to earn is the key. They won't jump into every deal you offer their way, but they will begin to follow you if you can help them make money.