Guy Fawks Night Celebrations Were So Much Fun

@gandatwo (602)
March 2, 2008 2:45pm CST
Some of my most happiest memories as a child where of our family and friends Guy Fawkes Night celebrations.All the children in our neighbourhood would for weeks before the event, spend wonderful hours building our bonfire using a mountain of sticks,twigs and wood in preparation for what is known in australia as cracker night.All would save their pennies and buy up as many fire works(crackers)as possible.On the night we then would pool them together,and start the celebrations. Usually The dad's found a higher vantage point,be it the garage roof,or the like.The battle would commence,a banger thrown here,and another over there,and always one would end up under the outdoor loo,where a poor unsuspecting mother would be startled,much to the delight of us children. The sky rockets were a favourite,launched from diffrent locations around the yard.Tomthumbs adding noise to the excitment as the smoke thickend the sky.Catherine wheels whirled,some requiring a little persuasion as we children were cautioned to stand back.When all was done,a shared picnic style banquet was heartily consumed,and many an ale downed!Just after sunrise we children would then hit the surrounding parks in search of any crackers which may have escaped the previous evenings celebration,oh what fun!These days as a adult and animal lover we stay home to comfort our pets.I now wonder if a laser show may be more beneficial in this day and age,as experience has shown many a child or parent were injuried during the celebrations,also like today many a pet was lost due to fright. A little history:King James was to meet with some of his leaders on November 5th 1605.The reason Guy Fawkes was so hated was the fact he had planned to blow up parliament with barrels of gunpowder placed under the buildings.There was a tunnel which gave them access to the basment,Guy Fawkes was to light the fuse,however his attempt was foiled,and consequently arrested and thrown into prison where he was tortured until he revealed the names of his co-conspirators,he was hung in 1606. Do you celebrate this night in your Country,or have a similar celebration in your Country of origin?
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