fat for being thin?

March 2, 2008 2:52pm CST
i have a friend who constantly complains about how 'skinny' i am and how she wants to loose weight...even though shes only a tiny bit bigger than me....[im a uk size 10] i was previously happy with the way i look....but now i feel fat because of what she is saying...and im becoming very self concious....because she thinks im thin... can anyone explain why this is? and how i can get her to stop saying im skinny?
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@klaudyou (501)
2 Mar 08
Well, it may seem quite simple: try to not let yourself influenced by subjective thinking but by objective. Sounds theoretical, but your friend is not seeing "sizes" as they are, you said it yourself, so you should not trust her subjectivism, but to compare yourself (if you want) with the actual standards. We, generally, shouldn't let such things influence us, by these things I refer to fake value judgement, as in your case. p.s. i don't know what is uk size 10, but I understand it's not "too big"!:)
2 Mar 08
well that kind of logic is easier said than done... keep in mind that men and women view their bodies differently....women are constantly told they should be size zero with big boobs and perfectly toned bodies... we are constantly bombarded with images of how perfect we should be....and we never are....even if we were size zero with perfect boobs and perfect body...we would still hate ourselves and think we were ugly.... we cant help it
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2 Mar 08
I feel the same way sometimes, I hate when people tell me how thin I am it makes me feel really self conscious and like I should be thinner. I would tell her that you do not like her comparing herself to you because you have totaly different bodies (even if this is not true, tell her anyway :p) and even if you weighed the same amount it would still look different. Tell her that you feel really self conscious when she mentions your weight and would she please stop.
2 Mar 08
thanyew....very good advice :D