Peace Lily Care

United States
March 2, 2008 5:19pm CST
I obtained a gorgeous peace lily plant from my mother in law. It was in an arrangement from my father in laws funeral. So of course, I want to take great care of this plant and definitely do not want to lose it. The leaves have been turning brown/yellow/black for quite some time. They start at the very tip of a new leaf and as the leaf grows it starts to die. I have read many many peace lily care forums and tried everything: Its in a good pot that fits well to the plant, it sits by a window, in indirect light, never straight sunlight. It sits on rocks so it drains well, I have put peat moss in it to hold moisture. It gets watered a little bit once a week, and every couple of months I bathe it in the tub and let it drain well. I also mist it, and the room temperature is normal. My last resort is watering it with distilled water. We have well water and I am wondering if there is too much iron or something else in the water. I am asking if anyone else has had similar experiences and if so, what did you do? Have you heard of this before? I really love this plant and do not want it to die! Comments are appreciated.
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