Mateo - nephew - Mateo and lil bro
@msanin (131)
March 2, 2008 6:09pm CST
My nephew's name is Mateo; he is gonna be 6 years on May.. hes really cute and smart, hes in senior kinder garden right now.. I just want to ask if it is normal for a kid like my nephew feel embarrassed by his friends and care to much about what they think. Last week something happen that made me cry, he was asking his mom why wasnt he normal like the other kids, he said he was ugly.. my sister-in-law told him that for her he and his lil bro were the pretties kids in the world.. i think he feels like that because hes missing 2 teeth right now so maybe his friends or something made fun of him which makes him really sad.. when his friends tell Mateo about something he has and they dont like he tells my sister-in-law to change it. so i dunno if this is normal.. any advise will be appreciated.
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@Foxfire1875 (2011)
6 Mar 08
All children feel this way, it's probably that he is the only one that is missing his front teeth at the moment and unfortunately children can be cruel to anyone who appears different. He probably wants to fit in with his friends and that is why he asks for things to be changed. Don't worry it's normal, I remember being the same when I was a child.