Daily Planning

@bikespot (484)
March 2, 2008 10:25pm CST
Is there some kind of program out there , where i can plan all the things i need to get done in a day. I'm having some serious problems with getting things done , i need to keep on track to get anywhere. What do you do? I find just writing it down isn't good enough.
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@ronak4u (136)
• India
19 Jul 08
yes i do plan for daily for what to do for whole day.similierly in office i have to plan daily else it will create a problem for me. similierly it will create a problem for you also if you dont plan. do one thing you just use notepad for the same. Oe software is there for planner where you can fix your plan & accordingly you give a alaram when you want.
@bikespot (484)
• Canada
21 Jul 08
I find if i just do what ever i want during the day nothing gets done. But if i sit down for long enough and dedicated to what needs done on the list in my head then things get done. Today i'm doing good , i'm actually getting things done.
• United States
3 Mar 08
I use Microsoft Outlook. I have always had it on the computer when I get them, but not sure if it something hubby puts on first or if it comes already installed. Good luck- staying organized to get things done is always a challenge, isn't it?