Whats the whole Debate on Stemcell??

March 2, 2008 11:33pm CST
Look, What is the whole debate on stemcell vs it being ethical or not? Firstly, we kill countless of animals just to eat them and they die terribly. Google earthlings on google video and you will know what im talking about. When religion dont even bother about animals, why do we bother about a embryo which dont even have senses and dont feel pain yet? Secondly, stem cell is for the good of human nature. Sure there should be checks and regulations in place to prevent abuse and unnecessary sacrifices but it is an essential part of the survival of the human race. Thirdly, who knows that this is all part of the evolution of humans? When galileo first said that the earth revolved around the sun (contrary to popular belief at that time that the sun revolved around us) he was condemned! even by the church! All visionaries have been condemn in their time because most people just lack the foresight. So what is this whole debate on stem cell? Its just a means of progression, and in the long run, when its benefits can be truly manifested by our younger generations to come, isnt it that a good thing?
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