What would you do......?

March 3, 2008 12:30am CST
What would you do if your husband/wife stole money from you? I know someone got her husband money. Without asking permission to a person even if she is your husband is stealing, right. I heard that she has problem or sickness as I can see like kleptomaniac get something not belong to her. It's very difficult as I imagine but it's a sickness that she must be cured. But how can she do it when she is not admitting that she is sick any way. Her sister told her she have to see a doctor to as for opinion/help. Now his husband and their only children leave her because of the situation all we know that the money is not belong to her husband but for someone else so how can he will explain to the owner that the money was stole by his own wife wow what a big problem. They left already maybe he is sick and tried of her doing that's why. My concern is there child she is now a teenager and I know she is affected so much buy the situation. Is there any cure to that sickness? If you were in her husband shoe will you forgive her and leave her like her husband does? What about the child how can you explain the situation?
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@mnsrwt123 (2058)
• India
3 Mar 08
First thing i would like to tell you that if a husband/wife stole money from each other purse, its not called stealing. They both have their equal responsibilties to spend that money, and theres only you need to understand each other, instead of blaming each other for these reasons.
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@youless (93196)
• Guangzhou, China
13 Mar 08
Haha, that will never happen in my family. In fact I am the one who often put money into my husband's wallet. As my husband is very careless, I don't want him to meet an embarrassing case when he is outside. If I am short of money, then I will tell my husband I will take some money from his wallet.
@cydzzj (356)
• Australia
3 Mar 08
I just wonder know how can the wife steal money from her husband. If the money in their joint account, that means each of them can use it. It doesn't call stealing. If the money in the husband's account, how can his wife steal it? And if that is a sickness, so she need to be treated. How come her husband left her. I really can not understand about that.
• Canada
3 Mar 08
My husband and I discussed money long before we got married, and we have a rule. He stays out of my purse, I stay out of his wallet, and we have separate bank accounts. We pay the bills together, but living separately at times (I have to go home to Canada now and then) we still hae separate homes to take care of, so I still have rent to pay on my apt. in Ontario. If one of us caught the other stealing, we'd hide ou money some place else.