are you a jealous wife?

@anna_82 (115)
March 3, 2008 4:23am CST
yesterday after the mass whole family go to shopping mall. when we go to the comfort room there is a guy out side the comfort room using the phone.we stand by there while waiting for my mother in law. suddenly he said "do you want to talk to the lady's waiting here?you might think that this is my mistress? i just want to watch a movie alone, what's the problem with that?" then he said good bye to his wife after some discussions. then he talked to me like looking for sympathy or something. he said "that's my jealous wife shes always make jealous every time i go out alone.she don't trust me".i just smile because i don't know what to say his wife might have a reasons why she always feel jealous. i'm married too and sometimes feel jealous too. some woman can't avoid that feelings. but not that you don't trust your husband like every time he go out you are thinking not good it can't help . you can jealous in the right way and have to trust each other and love and give and take to worked your marriage. before reacting asked him or her first. how bout you, are you a jealous wife?:)
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