make and spoil life of friend

March 3, 2008 4:35am CST
plz tell me that can any friend can make and spoil life of another friend? thank u
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@Mamagee (392)
• Malaysia
4 Mar 08
It depend on what kind of friend you are with. Look at their attitude or behaviour. If your friends have a bad habit or behaviour, may be they will influence you to be part of them. But you yourself have to think about it whether you want them to be your friend or not. If you don't want to spoiled yourself don't come to them.
• India
3 Mar 08
An enemy who wants to spoil some one pretent to be a friend and move with friend ship to spoil his life.
@lucksath (92)
• India
3 Mar 08
Hello btbwr0007, Nobody can spoil life of others.Our life is in our own hands. I do not know with what reason you asked this question but remember anybody let it be friends,partners or relatives can't spoil life of others.For a time being they may hurt you, and if you are positive and strong minded even hurting is not possible.Only one can spoil our life and that is nobody else except we ourselves. So, as long as we are sincere to ourselves and also to others we need not bother about this question. Please don't get worried for this unwanted matters - have confidence on you - nobody can do any thing. All the best.