unsanitary lemons

@tersie (16)
United States
March 3, 2008 7:40am CST
I heard a news segment on the radio this morning about lemon slices that restaurants place in drinks. I forget the exact number of restaurants they studied, but the results showed that roughly 70% of all lemon slices harbor disease causing micro-organisms. Yuck! Makes me think twice before I ask for lemon in my water or tea now. I'd post a link to a news article online about it, but I don't have a ranking high enough to paste. :P So Google "lemon slices bacteria" under NEWS and you'll find all sorts of articles referencing this study. enjoy! ;)
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@brimia (6584)
• United States
3 Mar 08
I rarely ask for/receive lemon in my drink but now I'll never ask for it. I've seen studies that show the toilet seats are cleaner than the edge of your plate at restaurants...I get so grossed out and say I'm not eating at a restaurant ever again but then after awhile I forget about it and go out to eat again. .
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@pergammano (7755)
• Canada
7 Mar 08
There is also quite an informative video on YouTube.
@Shawchert (1040)
• United States
3 Mar 08
this makes me feel relieved that I don't eat lemons or the slices or have them in my tea :) But thanks for the information. That's something to think about if I do go to a restraunt that has tea and lemon slices.