March 3, 2008 9:37am CST
imagine ur days widot wud b more relaxed or hectic??
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• Australia
4 Mar 08
I remember my days before mobile phone became such a normal everyday item. Back then, only house phone is available or some family will have pager. Nowadays though, I will feel lost if I dont have my mobile phone with me. It is not so much that I am talking on the phone, but it is more of the reassurance that I can easily connect with others.
• Canada
4 Mar 08
my girl and i cant go on a day without our cell phones ! like right now we both dont have a cell , and its driving us mad ! i dont have a cell anymore because my step dad broke mine and she doesnt have hers cause she cant find it anywhere. it sucks for the both of us ! so for me its hectic for not having a cellphone !
@shoumik12 (176)
• Bangladesh
3 Mar 08
It would definitely be hectic. My family lives far away from each other and we only talk through phone. So if there were no cellphone I can't even imagine what misght happen.