Dealing with Death and Dying

@catjane (1036)
United States
March 3, 2008 11:15am CST
Many of us have had to experience at one time or another the death of someone or something we love or themselves is experiencing their own imminent death. How do you handle this? My brother, Jim, died when he was very young, about 40, of cancer. He knew for a year he was dying. I talked to him many times about his feelings on it and he just totally accepted it. I'm not sure I would be so acccepting. I would probably freak! My hubbie's mom died two years ago and he went comotose for a week. He hardly remembered anything about it, he was so out of it. to this day he cries at her gravesite. My mom died a month after his and I never even cried. I guess different people react in different ways. I wasn't close to my mom as he was to his. So, how do you deal? I would like to hear your stories.
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