What is the perfect length for a trip?

March 3, 2008 12:37pm CST
I´m lucky to be able to travel for 5 months every year, but if you had to choose (no limits on money and time) what would be the ideal trip??
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@sizzle3000 (3039)
• United States
3 Mar 08
I have to admit that I like going on vacation once a year. I would not like to travel five months out of the year. I am sorry but I am a home body and I love spending time in my home with my family. I have had vacations that have been as little as one day trips and as much as ten days. I think if I had to pick a time it would be ten days. After working all year round you need time to recharge and bond with your family. We take this time once a year to just enjoy each others company. Ten days would be enough to get us ready to go back to work and just living the every day life. I think more than ten days will make you want to kill the people you are with. You know too much time together can be bad too. I love my family but to be in close corners for a long period of time is not always a good thing. I like spending time with my family but I also like to spend time alone and with friends. I think that you need a balance of family, friends, and even work to have a full and happy life. I know that sounds boaring. I guess I am a boaring person. Ten day vacation is my idea of a perfect amount of time.
• United States
3 Mar 08
If I didnt have to worry about money and time, the ideal trip for me would be 3 weeks. Depending on where you are going as well. If you are going far far away to a island or something it would be cool to spend a good 3-4 weeks there. If I am going out to see family or friends id like to visit for 2-3 weeks. That way you can visit and do other things as well.
@maximax8 (29036)
• United Kingdom
3 Mar 08
If I had no limits on money or time I would travel for 8 months of the year and spend four months of the year at home. I would spend the months of mid May to the end August as well as one week for Christmas at home. New Year would be spent overseas. That way I could enjoy traveling to all the places that I would so love to go to. I could also spend the warmer months of my home country's climate at home. At Christmas I could see my family. In the traveling that I have done so far one year is a long trip and I loved it so very much but coming home was difficult to adjust to. I came home with an Australian accent and had changed much. I think six months travel was great and I had less time to adjust to being back home. I think that two months trip was too short. I know that two weeks is a packed jaunt around an area and that is no where near long enough. As I have got older my trips have got shorter. I still love to travel though and do this whenever I can.