Good Vs Evil Vs Ok (Fate)

March 3, 2008 8:13pm CST
Every where in the world we see what we term good and evil at work. No many people nowadays still believe in fate so is fate than both good and evil in a seeming form. Our we each good or evil or ok. Do we have the potential to change our destiny?
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@klaudyou (501)
4 Mar 08
Being good, or evil or ok depends very much on the situation we're in and on our mood, this being an extra argument that fate is not something fixed. Mood and situation depend on the others, and so'a also a very changing thing. Of course we have predispositions...and that is something coming from our social and cultural environment from where our self-values are extracted. Some are good in nature and some get some evil habits and judgements. We are born with the free choice...and that eventually defines who we are!
• Canada
5 Mar 08
But if we have free choice than we could never be fully restrained by the defining decisions we make there would always be a choice to change. I do believe that you are correct that there are many environmental factors in the development of a person that would change there perception on the world and dictate responses to the confkicts that person enters. But at the same time mood is hard to define is it the persons general mood, the mood regarding the sitaution, what put them in that mood, could that person have handled the sitaution differently in another mood. Mood is a matter of outside opinion and is a word used to lightly nowadays to describe controled feelings and not just feeling beyond our control. So long story short I both agree and disagree with your statment and it was an excellent rebuttle
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@chiyosan (30204)
• Philippines
30 Mar 08
When a person chooses what he becomes, that i guess is part of his fate. he has altered what is destined for him to become. I believe God does not want any of his children to leave a life full of evil, and wrong doings. People are given free will, we decide whether we become good or bad or maybe in between. Our lives was predetermined, we are chosen by God and even before we are born, there is a plan for us. Maybe people who struggle so much in life are those that are in constant want of going away from the flow.... its like going in the opposite direction, thus the struggle.