Is it about time to retire the Golden Girls?

United States
March 4, 2008 12:28am CST
Ok me myself love the Golden Girls but i think i have seen every show about fifty thousand times. I think that they just need to replace that show with something else they dont need anymore money! If someone wants to watch the Golden Girls then they can buy the whole episodes at a store. You guys let me know what you think about this!
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@slothgurl (573)
• Enumclaw, Washington
4 Mar 08
No, No a thousand times NO! My 8yr old son, for some reason, loves the Golden Girls, and Mommas Family. They are like the only shows besides PBS that I feel safe letting him watch!! Plus thay come in on the family channel and we dont need the cable for that, it works on antenna. That is all he gets in his room. #:)
• United States
4 Mar 08
I do see your point there. There is not many shows out there fit for kids to watch other than the Golden Girls.
@dfinster (3535)
• United States
6 Mar 08
I agree with you that when they bring back a show into sydication a lot of times they leave it air again way to long and they need to switch to other shows so that people don't get completely burned out on a show.
@Wario_1 (969)
• Sweden
4 Mar 08
Yea, majbe the could like do something new to the show and i have a idea of what they could do. After a time skip,the show continues but now its Golden Girls Afterlife action.