Soo I am here Wondering how many of u r like on Mylot..

United States
March 4, 2008 1:56am CST
In every post that i answer..i always ALWAYS rate them..and its usually like 98% positive..i dont give negative rates because they disagree with me or my beliefs..hell i dont even neg rate anyone that gets in a HUGE DEBATE WITH ME..i always rate for people so the keep there stars or raise them..And i do as many pages as i can..maybe 4 or 5..but i see anbd hear that most mylotter dont do this..So now im u rate the host and the threaders that answer them..or do u just rate the host and move on to another threaD..i was just wondering..because i have done alot ofposts and i dont think anyone is rating me anywhere..or id be a 6 by now...soo thats another reason it was on my mind..Soo what do u do after you post on a thread?
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@alexigne (903)
• Philippines
26 Mar 08
i don't rate yet... but when i've something that is so interesting and helpful to others i will... for sure i will not rate negative just because i didn't like their respond.. i'll do it for good
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@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
16 Mar 08
not me. i do not rate everyone i come across with, just those whose topic i liked very much and whose reply is really great for me. i have not rated any one negatively though. so every one i rate at plus ratings :)
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• Australia
9 Mar 08
I rate all discussions positive because no discussion is right or wrong. If I don't want to respond to a discussion, then I don't. Some things don't interest me and i stay away from those ones.
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@winterose (39918)
• Canada
4 Mar 08
I always rate, it just takes a few extra seconds and it is beneficial to the person receiving the rating.
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@subha12 (18453)
• India
4 Mar 08
I rate most of the discussions that i respond to. i also rate most that i get response to my own discussions.But sometime swhen i feel not motivated to rate, i do not. i have never rated anyone -ve till date. i do not want anybody's reputation go down because of me only.
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