March 4, 2008 10:54am CST
I think that all people have the same potential from the day they are born. I think it is the early conditioning given to us by our early care givers and teachers that distinguish how we will turn out. I believe that the first six to seven years are the most important for setting the pace in a persons life and development. Any extreme negaive or positive experiences will effect the childs ability to conform to the norm of society. What is your opinion??
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• Canada
7 Mar 08
I think that you are incorrect I think that all people are not created equal but can become equal through hard work and knowledge. Some people myself included got of to a very difficult begining because of learning disorders. I have learned to adapt to mine which allows me to keep up with those who did not suffer from them but sill sometimes I feel overwhelmed. So I wholehartedly disagree!!