A serious question...

@cortjo73 (6500)
United States
March 4, 2008 11:25am CST
Ok, I know this may sound like a stupid question to most people but, I never really thought about it. So, here goes. I have always had sort of long periods. I know most women have periods that last about 3-5 days. Mine have always been 9-12. My doctors have never seemed worried as that has been the norm for me. Usually, it gets worrisome if you go from a regular 3-5 day and suddenly start having 9-12 day periods. So, here is my question. Can the length of your period have anything to do with your immune system? I have a really low immune system and always have. I get sick for at least 3 months each year maybe from late fall to mid winter. Part of the reason is that I have to take and anti-biotic every 6 months before I go see my dentist to protect my heart. I had open heart surgery when I was 5 years old. The anti-biotic protects me from any infections in any cuts in my gums that might happen during my appointment. So, given that anti-biotics break down your immune system to nothing and it takes a good 6 months to rebuild your immune system to fighting strength, basically, I am never at peak health. But, a couple weeks ago, I was on my 5th cold of season and thought I would try some natural/herbal immune builders. They worked. I kicked that cold before it could get really bad and last another 3 months and I did it in somewhere around 2 weeks! So, this months period was like no other. I usually spot for 2-5 days, have my heaviest bleeding for about 2 days then spot some more for another 7-10 days. This period started off without spotting. I basically didn't go from zero to sixty. I started at 60. That heavy bleeding (which was still lighter than usual) lasted for about a day and a half. And, then I was lightly spotting and, I think I might already be done. So, all total, my period was about 5 days. Is it possible that my immune builders built up my immune system so much that my period is now normal like most women because the two things are tied together? I know that things like caffeine, exercise, and other deeply internal things can change your period. But, is your immune system a direct link to your period? Sorry if I grossed anyone out. I didn't mean to!
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