Voting on school levies and taxes.. what are your thoughts?

United States
March 4, 2008 2:13pm CST
How do you feel about school levies constantly being on the ballot? In our area they have built several new schools in different school districts, one of which being a 30 million dollar school, and are asking for renewal levies to operate these schools now that they are built. And if the levy does not pass, the students suffer by the district making cuts. Pay to play sports, no bussing to get the kids to and from school, no field trips.. And people are angry because these ballots keep coming on the table and taxes are constantly going up. When is enough enough? Why do we keep having issues with things like this when "back in the day", there didnt seem to be the problems we have today. I understand that our kids are our future-- yet the people that don't have kids are saying they shouldn't have to pay for new schools, kids programs, etc etc. What are your thoughts? Does it frustrate you?
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