Mavs - 2008 NBA Champs - You saw it here first

United States
March 4, 2008 10:44pm CST
Now I know everyone is getting on the Mavs for only being 4-4 since the Jason Kidd trade. But let's do a little in-depth analysis of those games and the play of the teams. A) The Mavs beat the teams they were suppose to beat and played VERY WELL against the teams that are the top teams in the West. The Mavs lost to the Spurs, Hornets, Lakers, and Jazz by a very small average margin. B) It has only been EIGHT games, Kidd has very little experience with this team but has showed some flashes of greatness with the team. 17 assists is the most since Nash back in 2004! 15 was the most since Terry back last March. That was all in his first 3 games. C) Josh Howard and Jason Terry are playing like crap, and for that matter Dirk is too. Those 3 are averaging about 40% from the field. Think if they had averaged 45% shooting in these 8 games. They could EASILY be 8-0. I can't wait to see this team start gelling and playing like the playoff team that they are. D) Dampier looks like an all-star so far. 16 points and 17 boards before fouling out against the Lakers!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! Damp hasn't looked this good, since...well...ever. Kidd and Damp are gelling extremely quickly and this is the center play that will bring us a championship in 2008. E) Kidd improves our defense, he brings in 2-3 steals per game which lead to more easy fast break points. I can't wait to see this team in the playoffs, by the time Dirk, Terry, and Howard start playing like they should be (Hitting wide open jumpers) then we will be at the top of the pack and take it from me, the Mavs WILL win the championship in 08!
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