Were you Pregnant with Quintuplets and had to undergo SELECTIVE REDUCTION??

United States
March 4, 2008 11:25pm CST
I just found out about this process called "Selective Reduction" where a mother is carrying multiples and highly at risk and chooses to have a specialist inject Potassium into the heart of one or two babies to make the odds of the surviving babies higher, reaching birth. It was on Discovery Health that I saw this on the show "Quint-Essential." I am in no way posting this to judge those in this situation and nearly a feminist when it comes to womans rights but rather, just discussing this because it must be one of the hardest decisions a mother has to go through. Their must be this strong connection carrying such a tiny life and what about all thos hormones (I had pretty severe post-partum depression) I have nothing but sympathy. I do not know if this procedure is common they did not say so is there others out there who has experienced this or knew someone who did? What about those who did and came from very conservative backgrounds or communities, was their alot of pressure from family members?? Maybe for you it was not a hard decision and not even economically reasonable, or another scenario, lets talk about it.
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