up early

@twallace (2675)
United States
March 5, 2008 1:28am CST
Who is up this time of the morning in my lots. I have not been here in a few days and i could not sleep. Haven't really slept in 5 years not good sleep anyway. Up off and on through the morning and waking up late the next day. But this morning i was the early bird. Who else is up right now?
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• United States
5 Mar 08
I am up ... up late ... lol Its about 1:40am here, and I have yet to get to bed. Normal for me though, my boys will be up about 8am or so. Since we homeschool it is more flexible, they will usually wake me by about 9am or so. The oldest is up around 7am most days, has math and writing practice to do to keep him busy. I have had trouble sleeping before though. I found that taking some melatonin, and making sure I drink a big glass of pure water before bed helps a lot. I will be headed to bed here soon though .. LOL ~Rachel
@kurci1 (171)
• Australia
5 Mar 08
I probably get up at about 6, log onto mylot post a couple of responses and move on with my day. I think its just stupid wasting your sleep on a discussion forum. I mostly discuss things on mylot after work at about 6 oclock at night. Thats probably when im in my best mood to talk to people.