what was the funniest thing you did this day?

@skbh12 (2950)
March 5, 2008 7:44am CST
this afternoon, i got tired of facing my laptop, browsing on different sites. so what i did was went down to the dining area to start baking a easy to bake cake. to keep myself busy, i gathered all the things and ingredients needed for baking. when i was about to stir everything inside the bowl i realized i didnt look at the expiry date. when i checked it, it says BEST BEFORE USE DEC 08, 2007... i got so shocked that all the things i mixed in the bowl were all wasted but then i continued to bake it since i have started heating the oven. when everything else is ready i baked the cake and went upstairs to surf the net again. when i came down to check on the banana cake i was making,it still smelled good and ready to be taken out of the oven. i switched the oven off and asked our helper to help me transfer the cake to the plate. i sliced it into a pizza form slice and offered it to our helper. so i asked her, "how was it? did it taste good?" then she answered me "yes, it is." but i can see it thru her face that it wasnt so i asked her again if it did taste good. so she took a bite of the slice again and said yes. so i thought it still good to serve the cake to all the household.. but then i told her, are you sure? then i started laughing because of the news i was about to tell her. i confessed to her that the powder mix i used is already expired and that is when she confessed to me that at the first bite it was good but as long as it stayed in her mouth, the bitter taste began to set in. she just really didnt tell me truth for her to prevent me from getting hurt. but then all i did was laughed hard because of what just happened. good thing she was laughing along with me. hahaha.. how about you? did you do something funny today? did it somehow made your day?
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