how can i make more money in mylot?

March 5, 2008 9:06am CST
i am still newbie here and i just want to ask how can i make more money out of this? What discussion should i post in order that in could be more interesting for the viewers thus they might leave more comments in my discussions? Please help..thanks
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@chrislotz (8207)
• Canada
5 Mar 08
It has nothing to do with the topic of your discussion so much that people are responding to, in my opinion. It has a lot to do with the tags you put in, the more tags, the more people will see your discussion. I notice that this discussion only has one tag, mylot, and theat will only get a few views. I will add more for you, but you need to make sure you add your own. Also if you make your postings longer, I make all of mine at least 8 sentences long, you will earn more for your efforts. Another way to get more responses is add a lot of friends to your list and then they will get emails from mylot telling them a friend on their list has started a discussion and then the discussion is sent in that email. I have about 80 friends on my list and I get all their discussion emailed to me, which is about 200 emails a day. I respond to all of them, if I have something to say.
• Philippines
5 Mar 08
thanks for the advice... i really appreciate the concern.. thank you very much and i'll take note your points..
@bowtieguy (5931)
• United States
5 Mar 08
It kes time to earn money on here, anyone that is truely on here for the profit should look elsewhere. I get on here to meet people from far away places and engage in stimulating conversation. It is fun to see my numbers go up, but It really dosent matter to me that much.
@kilani123 (865)
• United Arab Emirates
5 Mar 08
hi there and welcome in since u are intrested in making money in mylot try making money disscusions it will be good for u good luck with mylot ps: i was like u trying to earn money throw mylot but after i joined i forgut about money because of what info u can get from mylot member there are money usful data here in take car bye bye
@sahyd2don (2950)
• India
5 Mar 08
earn money - earn money posting discussions and responses in mylot.
Just start posting discussions respond to others discussions.add a lot of interests.Upload images in your discussions and responses.Remember your discussions and responses must be of queality.