What kind of pet do you have

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March 5, 2008 7:20pm CST
I had a talk with a friend today and she went into this long description of why she had to have a cat and why it had to be a certain kind. So I figured I'd ask what kind of pet do you have and why did you choose that one? I have a Persian cat because I wanted a cat with long hair. How about it?
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• United States
6 Mar 08
Hello dlucks101 and welcome to mylot. Well I am a dog type of person. I love dogs, my favorite kind of dogs are yorkies, chihuahuas, rotts and pitbulls. The reason why I like yorkies is because they are consider as lap dogs. They are small, classy and cute. They are just like me, so they will just compliment my beauty even more. The reason why I like chihuahuas is because they are also small, classy, cute and lap dogs. They can sit in my lap and walk with me. I love this breed of dog my favorite type would be apple heads. They are so cute a little dog with a big head that is so adorable. I also like rotts because they are big and friendly. They are lovable and hard working out of all the dogs in the world I would rather have a rott any give sunday. Well I do not have much more to say on this topic dlucks101 so with that said NakitaLikely3617 is gone!