technology to fast !

United States
March 5, 2008 11:26pm CST
Is the research and development to fast for human and social relaiotships? In my opninion yes, the newest technology is keeping us away from social communication with friends,family and even your love relationship. You don't even have time to adjust yourselve to the world that is changing so fast. We just ignore this and blame others, especially in a time where everything can be bought with money. Our basic instinct we developed the last 50 thousand years our fading. The one thing that kept us humans to be here at the moment, making children to assure our existence for the coming hundreds of years is also a victim of this progres. Yes progres in living the way we are now is positive, but is it positive enough to socialize with each other. I personally see the next generations dealing with this grave problem. Who knows maybe the ater effects of glabal warming will bring them together like the world wars and the storms did. This will be like a new beginning, a beginning that will condemn our ego and think and live with others in harmony, that's what disasters do.
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