March 6, 2008 4:12am CST
What browser do U use for Internet? i use Opera for study (i do a on line university), Firefox for my e-mail, and I.E. for university forums :) I found Opera fantastic!!! I don't belive it before try to use.
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• Philippines
3 Apr 08
Personally, I do prefer both Opera and Mozilla. I used Opera browser more frequently. It is very fast and safe to use. I also used Mozilla because it provides useful add-ons or extensions. I used IE rarely because there are some sites that cannot be opened by Opera and Mozilla. Like you, I found Opera as a fantastic browser due to its speed performance. :-)
@venshida (4837)
• United States
11 Mar 08
I use internet explorer. I have used Firefox in the past and it is a really good browser. I use my computer for employment purposes also, and the company only want's us to use IE. Fire fox is a much better product.
• Philippines
6 Mar 08
I have all four browsers: IE, Mozilla, Opera and Safari (windows! yey!) I can say that Mozilla is still the best browser because of its neat addons! It has thousands of them and some are actually useful especially the scribefire for my blogging needs and twitter too! So love it! Safari's the neatest too while Opera is kinda cool. IE has no comment from me because I don't use it anymore. haha. I find too many viruses in that browser.
6 Mar 08
I tend to use IE which I think is actually pretty good despite what everyone says. I do speak to a woman online that uses Opera and she says it suits her needs fantastically because she has limited download and it means that she can turn off images easily as well as some other things so it really does suit her but I haven't looked at it myself.
• India
6 Mar 08
i use firefox with all my activities it's safe and speedy too!!! i had my experience with ie so i switched to firefox sometimes i use opera but mostly firefox i never use ie i hate it!!!!