do you prefer to have a ice-cream in winter?

March 6, 2008 4:16am CST
I'm crazy with ice-cream.I can't forget the marvelous taste.I usually eats ice cream in summer.But I found many people around me eat it in this winter I tried to have one,and the feeling is so good.there is one tip I want to point out:don't eat too much ,it's bad for your stomach.It's winter after can have a try . tell me what's your feelings about having a ice-cream in winter?
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• United States
12 Mar 08
I crave ice cream year round. I do eat it more often in the summer though. However, I am most admittedly one of those persons who helps keep the prices of milk a little lower. LOL
• China
13 Mar 08
I do agree with you!People should keep the prices of milk a litter lower.You know ,eat ice cream or other brioche spent almost my money. Thanks for your response,jabsfreelanceworld.
@preve1984 (610)
9 Mar 08
I eat not often in winter, but usually eat it at Christmas with the Panettone
• China
11 Mar 08
Christmas is almost in winter,haha,eat ice cream with panettone,that's great.thanks for your response
@bhushguha (203)
• India
8 Mar 08
I love to eat ice cream in any season.Really any time anywhere
• China
8 Mar 08
^_^,Oh,that't sound crazy.I see, you really like ice cream ,so am I. Ice cream is good thing but eat too much is bad for your health. ^_^Abstitance ~~~~~
@youless (93502)
• Guangzhou, China
6 Mar 08
I am very scared of the cold winter. When it's freezing, I have to wear a lot and I dare not to eat ice-cream. It's just so cold for me. I am not interested in any freezing food in winter.
• China
6 Mar 08
I can understand your feeling.I don't like winter neither as well as I don't like cold food except ice-cream.You should eat a ice cream slowly thus you won't feel cold but delious.
• United States
1 May 08
The cold weather just makes me not crave ice cream. In the winter I also hate ice in my drinks. Then suddenly when trees bloom and animals start getting out, my ice cream craving stops by, and there I go. In Italy, the town I used to live did not produce ice cream in the winter, then there was a holiday where ice cream was first served. We all looked forward for the holiday!