let us all wish this gifted couple from u.s.

March 6, 2008 6:22am CST
This couple from US I think are the most gifted parents since the woman gave birth to identical triplets.I think the couple are blessed already by the god by giving them a a great joy.They have become so famous by the birth of identical triplets which is a very rare thing and I am sure the children will bring their parents much more famous when they grow up as adult. When they get older, Logan eli and collin pen from Manhasset(New York) may blanch at the notion they wore nail polish to their first press conference.But it is the only way their parents know how to tell the boys apart right now. The identical triplets were born on wednesday at North Shore University hospital on Long Island,New York, an event so rare that an obstetrician estimated it would happen once in 200 million births. I wish the little babies and the couple a long, healthy and prosperous life ahead.
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